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This fundamental is the reason why it is named the two-plane swing. From the upright takeaway to the movement of the club into the plane and then finally, the downswing on the correct path to impact leaves much to account for in the two-plane swing. When you find your swing is breaking down, perhaps your fundamentals are still sound, but your rhythm is slightly off creating the opening for mistimed hits and weaker contact of the golf ball.

When this happens, I like to go to the range and lay a golf club pointing down the range perpendicular to the golf ball. The club should be at the typical distance that your feet would be at address from the ball. Take your normal stance. Leave your left foot touching the club, then move your right foot in front of the line with your heel touching the shaft.

Your feet should be significantly staggered at this point. Take your club and choke down on the club until the butt end of the club rests against your stomach. When you turn away from the golf ball, feel that stability over your right leg. Your right hip should turn enough to feel the power in your backswing. Once you have an idea of that feeling, move your right foot back to normal address behind the shaft of the club. Take swings with that feeling of creating the stable right knee, and the slight right hip turn away from the golf ball.

We hope you liked this article. The Swing Plane is usually one of these mystery things about golf. It is often hard to understand what it is and how you can use it — let alone the difference between the one and two plane swing. We hope this article brought some clarifications and will allow you to be a better player next time you hit the golf course. Don't have time to read the whole guide right now? Yes, I want my book!

1. Find the Fairway From Your Tee Shot

Table Of Contents. One-Plane Swing. Two-Plane Swings. Chapter This is why understanding the importance of the golf swing plane is key. Intro to Swing Plane. With his "Five Lessons" book written in , Hogan's tips have stood up over time. Hogan wanted golfers to visualize their swing plane as a pane of glass that rested atop their back shoulder. The backswing should remain parallel to the glass as the swing reaches the apex. Hogan's tip was to visualize never crossing the plane and breaking the glass with either the backswing or the downswing.

Key Takeaway: Constructing the correct backswing is crucial for finding the proper plane. Here's how to fine-tune and sand away any rough edges from your takeaway.

One of the main issues I see with amateurs is that the arms are far too active in the backswing. When you address the golf ball, imagine that there is an electric wire about eight inches in front of your waist.

See a Problem?

When you bring the club back, your arms should never touch that electric wire. For those amateurs that have issues with their takeaway, this is a perfect tip for getting the arms to calm down and carry the backswing with a more accessible path to getting on a plane.

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Our bodies have different heights and weights. Our golf clubs have shafts that may measure longer, or shorter, than the standard lengths. These factors play a huge part in our swing planes. If you are 5'4" don't try to emulate Dustin Johnson who is 6'4. Therefore, his swing plane will be different than yours. Find the plane that works best for you.

One Plane Swing. The hips bring the arms back through on the same plane as the backswing. Pro Tip: Reducing the One-Plane Learning Curve If you want to reduce the growing pains of transitioning into a one-plane swing then take your 3, 4, and even 5-iron and replace them with hybrids. The ability of the hybrid to easily lift the ball in the air gives you length and consistency when grinding through swing changes.

Why should I try the one-plane swing? Pros of one-plane swing. Why should I avoid the one-plane swing? Cons of one-plane swing. It is a terrific visual aid for the range and allows you to see the path of a one-plane swing. The drill is simple. Take two stakes and set them into the ground. Prop the hula hoop at an angle along your swing path.

As you take practice swings, follow the path set by the hula hoop through the swing to see the plane. The hula hoop will help golfers who are starting too steep with their backswings and creating a problematic two-plane approach that will leave them struggling to get back to the golf ball consistently. Once you get the rhythm of the swing with the hula hoop, grab a blindfold and hit shots.

The Perfect Golf Swing Plane: Here's How You Can Do It

Try to create the path of the hula hoop with each shot. To hone the rotation of the one-plane swing, use this drill: First, lose the golf club and use just your arms as a guide. Two-Plane Swing: Follow the Pros. Two Plane Swing. The two-plane swing is what you see when you watch Jack Nicklaus.

Perfect Shot Control EBook

Efficiency on the range is critical when working on the integration of the swing with the body. This is advanced stuff But you'll be amazed at how simple it is to learn and how easy it is to hit good powerful golf shots after you master the power point. But if you are serious about golf AND you are as smart as I think you are You should get this lesson.

Sincerely, Darrell Klassen PS. If you really want to master the game of golf and start hitting all your shots longer and straighter than ever before - without much effort at all - you must get your hands on this. Discover the short-cuts to permenantly erasing Slices Worm burners.. Pushed and Blocked shots.. Coming over the Top.. Learn how to use your hands and fingers to mazimise your distance and control This gives you more club head speed without swinging harder anyone can do this Then order right now.

So don't wait. Still Not Convinced? I just wanted to inform you of the amazing success that I've had from watching Darrell Klassen's 5 Simple Steps videos. I played a round of 9, I probably shouldn't have since I haven't even swung a club since last December. But, what happened was unbelievable!

If this is any indication of what the rest of the year is going to be like, I can't wait! I hit the ball straighter and with more authority than I can remember. I played a great round! If it hadn't been for poor green conditions, and some short game gaffes, I would have been under par! That is amazing, especially since this is my first time out! Darrell Klassen has given me the confidence in swinging my driver so that there is no fear on the tee.

With little effort I can consistently hit drives plus yards. Occasionally I hit drives that exceed yards. While on vacation in Hawaii, I corked drives plus yards, and if that isn't fun, I don't know what is. I wanted to thank Darrell Klassen for taking my golf game to the next level. His motto is "Golf is an easy game", and the way he teaches it makes it an easy game. I have been looking for answers for my game for 10 long years and he helped me in just the time it took to watch his video tapes.

To me he is the best kept secret in golf. To Darrell Klassen I would like to say thank you. First let me state that I've been playing golf for over 25 years and currently carry a 7 handicap. However, I have always been the shortest hitter in my group. I have read dozens of books and magazines and even took lessons trying to improve my distance. Then I ordered and viewed Mr. Klassen's video.

For the first time in 25 years, I finally understood what release is and how to release the club into the ball. Almost immediately, I started hitting the ball further and with practice I am now one of the longest hitters in my group. I can't thank Mr. Klassen and OHP enough for what I consider the secret to hitting a golf ball longer and straighter. Once again, thank you for what I consider one of the best investments in golf that I ever made. I also hit very long straight shots with my fairway woods. My iron shots went dead straight and I added about 10 or 12 yards with every iron in my bag.

I am so pleased to have purchased this video which has enabled me to fully understand how the golf swing really works. Golf is indeed an easy game when you have a great instructor, Darrell Klassen.

Golf Dictionary, Glossary and Golf Terms

Thank you for making me a very happy golfer. Now I am an 8 handicap after coming to him shooting in the hundreds! Stair, California. I used to slice with every club in my bag, but now I hit straight, and can even have a little draw, and my distance has increased by about 20 yards a club! I love it. PO Box Visalia CA Ph: From: Darrell Klassen. Visalia, California Dear Fellow Golfer, A year from now, every golfer with any brains will see the rtuth of what I'm about to reveal to you on this webpage.

Written in an approachable and conversational tone, Dr. Bob Rotella focuses on all mental aspects of the game, from prepping for the first swing to the mental conditioning needed in competitions. Some report that this book is also a great resource to conquer the sour mood that can cloud the mind after a poor showing, and benefits from repeated reading. Joseph Parent, and it covers all aspects of the game with a central focus on mental game mastery. By drawing on ancient Zen teachings, the book helps you remove mental distractions and better get in the zone.

And more seasoned players will likely question why they aren't already approaching golf in the way Parent describes. Another book from famed sports psychologist Dr. By honing in on the act of putting, he spells out a handful of mental rules to follow to help remove stress, control your breathing, and hit the ball with calm accuracy. Instead, he draws from his own experiences working with pros to help demystify putting. The Unstoppable Golfer is the third book on this list by Dr.

This guide hones in on what more than two-thirds of all golf shots are: the short ones. Think putts, chips, and pitches. Drawing from his experience in teaching pro players like Davis Love II and Graeme McDowell, Rotella unpacks the fear that typically clouds shots on the green by encouraging players to achieve a state of mental calm and focus on the only thing that matters: the hole. The book includes legions of anecdotes from the pros who have mastered the mental aspect of the game, encouraging players to stay focused on their targets, visualize the shots, commit to a routine, and accept completely whatever happens when the ball is hit.